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"I felt like my life was literally falling apart, Joanne helped me to see things differently and taught me that when you change your mind, your world really does change."

"Your words of wisdom are always welcome and are of great comfort. You’re a wonderful and sweet human being. Much gratitude."

"We have had life threatening illnesses to deal with, anxieties and phobias. Joanne always seems to know the right way to deal with our issues. We are very grateful to have her influence in our lives."
The Orlando Family

You name it I had tried it, Weight Watches, The Cohens diet, The Atkins Diet, various shake diets and whilst with some I did lose weight, I just couldn’t stick with them long term and seemed to gain it back and some. What I hadn’t realized was the impact of past emotional issues, how those programs affected my attitude towards food and worked against me when it came to losing weight.

Joanne and her program changed my life. I’ve now lost 43 kilos and kept if off for over 2 years. It’s gone forever because I’m not the same person. This isn’t a diet, I never felt deprived, I had no fear of going out and being social as I had with previous diets for fear of falling off the wagon. This was easy, I never denied myself but found that my desire for certain foods just wasn’t there and if I didn’t really want or need it I chose not to use my stomach as a garbage bin. 

I love the new me, how I look and feel and mostly I love my mind set. I used to drive around the block 10 times over to find a car space as close as possible to where I needed to go. Now I take great pleasure in parking further away and walking. I look, feel, think and behave more like a slim, fit and healthy person. 

Amanda.  Nowra, Australia 

Wow, 23kilos gone in just 15 weeks. This is definitely not a diet. This program changed how I felt about myself and my body and that’s what changed my waistline. Totally blown away and I did the whole program over Skype. 

Chloe. Canada 

I’ve struggled with my weight and depression for as long as I can remember. With the CTC and VGS combo I’ve lost 15kilos and kept it off. I’m a lot more active, comfortable in my own body and what has really surprised me is my skin. I had suffered with acne and redness and that’s cleared too. Excess weight gone, clear skin and positive mindset has made me one very happy person. 

Sarah P. Parramatta, Australia


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